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Outdoor screening of 1929 Vertov film set for Thursday night

Kris Bridges, Video Production instructor at NESCom invite all students to attend an outdoor screening of the Dziga Vertov’s film Man With A Movie Camera Thursday night at 7:15 in the parking lot behind the Wildey Communications Center.

Released in 1929 as a silent film, Man With A Movie Camera has been set to the music of The Cinematic Orchestra. “Set to contemporary music, this is an experience similar to watching The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon” says Bridges.

Original 1929 movie poster for Man With A Movie Camera

Vertov’s film plays as a collage of images and set in history as early Cinema Verite.¬†Why is it important for students to attend the screening? Bridges explains “I feel it’s important for us to occasionally look back at where we’ve come from with the craft of filmmaking. We should pay homage to history and to the people who took risks to create the foundation we are planted firmly on today”.

Technically, the film is important as it demonstrates early use of over and under cranking (slow and fast motion), stop animation and image compositing…all techniques practiced to this. Bridges adds “When you consider that this was edited with a razor blade and not a computer, it becomes that much more impressive”.

Admission to the film is free and attendees are encouraged to bring a jacket. In the event of inclement weather, the screening may be moved indoors.



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