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Entertainment Production Students Learn Safe Practices With Pyrotechnic Demonstration

On December 10th, the stage of the Gracie Theatre came alight as Atlas Pyrovision, a professional pyrotechnics company from New Hampshire shot off numerous close-proximity effects for NESCom’s

Matthew Shea of Atlas Pyrovision

Entertainment Production Worksite Safety Class. Close proximity pyrotechnical displays can be seen in a wide variety of events, ranging from larger venues, such as Disney World and the Olympics to more common presentations, such as fashion shows and smaller music performances. This mandates that technicians working in the entertainment industry understand the regulations and hazards inherent in such displays.

Ken Stack explains why this was such an important event: “Students in this course are exposed to the safe practices demanded by this industry. Proper tool safety, rigging, material handling, genie lift training, OSHA 10 hour certification, and now a pyrotechnical demonstration are all part of the course curriculum. This kind of event emphasizes NESCom’s commitment to career-oriented experiences for students that will make them competitors in the professional entertainment world”.

Matthew Shea, from Atlas, talked the students through the complex and rigorous procedures, policies and regulations that must be in place for any sort of pyro or flame effects used onstage. Worksite Safety instructor, Brave Williams, put together a multi-faceted team to
make this event happen in the Gracie. Matthew Shea and Atlas Pyrovision are licensed leaders in the field of pyrotechnic displays and fireworks, working throughout New England and beyond. Also present were three representatives from the Maine State Fire Marshall’s Office, Hector Cyr, Edward Archer and Robert Manning. They explained the permitting processes that are required for pyrotechnical displays,<

and were on hand to inspect each piece of equipment. Officers from Bangor Fire Department Station #6 were present, using this demonstration as a training exercise as well. From the Husson campus, Bob Kilpeck (Director of Campus Safety and Security), John Rubino (Vice President of Administration), Thom Johnston (President, NESCom), Craig Hadley (Husson CFO), Lew McEacharn (Husson Maintenance) and Ken Stack (Director of Entertainment Production) all helped to coordinate this demonstration. Over fifteen people worked in coordination to create 15 pyrotechnical “shoots” in the Gracie.

Photos by Larry Ayotte

1st semester Video Production student project receives 83K+ views on YouTube

It was an every day kind of occurrence for an VID100 Intro To Video student. Just another homework assignment. Ryan Lovett, a freshman Video Production student from Oakland, ME took it as a chance to be creative. In just one day, he shot the project and posted it on his youtube channel for his family and friends to see.

From there, it blew up. Friends and family started sharing it on facebook and Twitter and before long even the Portland Press Herald wrote an article on the Pine State phenomenon.

Since it’s post date of December 5th, Ryan’s “Wicked Mainah Style” spoof of the hit “Gangnam Style” by South Korean artist Psy has been viewed more than 83,000 times and counting. As a first year, first semester student, Ryan has introductory access to NESCom’s Equipment Distribution Center. Just imagine what he’ll create once he adds light kits, dollies and the other tools of the trade he’ll have access to soon.