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Audio Engineering and Live Sound Technology Students Offered Ear Training

Wellington Gordon

Wellington Gordon, an instructor in the Audio Engineering department of NESCom has created a new competition for students to win prizes while also training their ears. In the first round of ear training, students can stream samples of audio that run through 10 bands and then listen to the same samples without introductions to pick out which band is being used.

The experience that a student receives when going through these exercises is extremely important“, says Gordon. “By listening to the ten critical bands being boosted and cut, he or she gets the opportunity to hear the changes in timbre of instruments throughout a mix as well as helps familiarize themselves with common frequency ranges of these instruments. Knowing these critical bands will help them work more effectively and time is money!

Students that correctly identify the 10 bands are entered to win prizes including an Audio Engineering department T-shirt and ear protection. The exercises and competition is open to all Audio Engineering and Live Sound Technology Students. For more information, or to enter, visit the Ear Training page at

Meyer Sound seminar goes center stage with Live Sound Technology students

The students of NESCom’s Live Sound Technology department took the stage of the Gracie Theatre, but not to perform. Over the span of two days, the students worked with Steve Bush of Meyer Sound in a seminar titled “Fundamentals of System Design, Implementation, and Optimization”. The seminar covered topics in sound system applications including system design, theory, practice of line arrays and tools for system optimization.

Students spent the second day learning about the Meyer Sound MAPP Online acoustical prediction software and it’s use in system design. 

Photos by Andrew King of the Audio Engineering Society, NESCom Chapter

Steve Bush of Meyer Sound

Steve Bush of Meyer Sound