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Video Production Student Wins PORTopera Film Fest 2013

Ellis Ducharme, a junior studying Video Production at the New England School of Communications won 1st place in the PORTopera Film Fest 2013 “The Bohème Inspiration”. The contest, utilizing the written word, music and video was based around taking inspiration from the classic opera La Bohème which runs at PORTopera July 24th through the 28th.

The criteria for this project was to take one of the songs from the play “La Boheme” and record our own rendition of the piece, as well as producing a film to go with the music” says Ducharme, who lives in Peaks Island, ME. “My piece is a short, 5 minute film” he continues,  “in which the concept of a commonly unaccepted art form is juxtaposed with shots of very calming operatic music being played, showing how much passion, dedication, and hard work is put into this art, after which the art is immediately removed, showing how most people don’t appreciate it“.

Ducharme’s entry “Art” won 1st place which earned him a $1,000 prize and a screening at the St Lawrence Arts & Community Center on July 19th. He credits his time at NESCom in helping him achieve his goals. “Thank you for the education you have provided me with thus far, and everything I have left to learn from you in the following years” he says. “I hope to have an eye-opening, informative, and fun two more years with everyone“.

View Ellis Ducharme’s winning entry “Art” below.

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Denver Video Production on July 31, 2013

Great Video Production work! We like to hire interns at Spotlight Media in Denver. Keep us posted when you graduate!

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