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Something EPIC this way comes

Over the past 2 years, the Video Production department at the New England School of Communications has developed digital filmmaking courses to meet the needs of both the industry and the interest of the students. With the addition of a new RED Epic Mysterium, these courses are set to take their production quality to a whole new level.

The RED EPIC Mysterium-X, a camera in the Epic wheelhouse at RED DIGITAL CINEMA, is one of an elite group of extremely high quality cameras being used in digital cinema today. RED’s EPIC cameras have been used to create modern blockbusters like Prometheus and Pacific Rim. Peter Jackson, a big supporter of the RED line shot The Hobbit on an EPIC camera.  NESCom’s EPIC Mysterium-X includes 3 Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses and can shoot up to 5K in resolution.


This fall, the camera will be used in the VID312 Digital Cinematography course with Director of Photography and NESCom faculty Todd Eastman, M.F.A. In addition to use in the classroom, the RED EPIC has already been scheduled for use in the production of the recently-announced short film The Tale Of The Three Brothers.

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