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Audio Engineering Student Begins Work With Hip Hop Producer Jahlil Beats

Nick Papmitrou Working In NESCom Studio D

Nick Papmitrou Working In NESCom Studio D

New England School of Communications at Husson University students often go on to do great things after graduating. But for one Audio Engineering student, great things are already happening, thanks to their work as a MIDI producer. Sophomore Nikolas “Nick” Papamitrou, who came to NESCom from Massachusetts, has recently begun working with hip hop Producer Jahlil Beats and is soon to be signed to Beats’ new label, Tandem. To find out more, we spoke with Nick about his musical background and his current projects.

NESCom Blog: What is your audio background & when did you start creating music??
Papamitrou: Music has evolved around my Mom’s side of the family. Her side of the family is extremely musically inclined, so I get all my musical genes from her. I started playing guitar around 14, and then started producing music around 15, and finally getting into MIDI producing at 16 after my younger brother started doing it before me, giving me the inspiration. I was into rock at the young age, like Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, so i always tried to record drums and guitar and a make a song using just a small mic and an interface with Garage Band. As I got older, I got out of that phase and my brother Alex, by the producer name of “Xander”, started making hip hop beats, giving me the inspiration to also try it out, since I loved hip hop so much.

NESCom Blog: How did you find yourself working with hip hop Producer Jahlil Beats?
Papamitrou: I’m a huge Twitter guy, and I find that twitter is an extremely important tool for music. One day about a year ago, I tweeted a video at Jahlil Beats of a beat my brother and I made, and he Retweeted it, and followed me back, giving me the opportunity to actually message him personally. He asked me to do a collaboration with him. One day he hit me up on snapchat messenger and asked for my number and also asked if I wanted to be part of Dreamchasers 4 (a mixtape by rapper Meek Mill) with him, and obviously I’m gonna say yes, and thats what changed everything for me. We made a beat for the rapper Meek Mill, the introduction beat for Dreamchasers 4 with Meek Mill ft. Lil Snupe & French Montana. Jahlil also talked about upcoming projects he wants me to be part of, one of them being an EP with Skrillex, as well as another project with a huge collaboration of Skrillex, Tom Morello, Jahlil Beats, and now, me. In addition, there are some independent artists that we may work with, such as Rick Ross, ASAP Ferg, and more Meek Mill.

NESCom Blog: Your about to signed to a new record label called Tandem. Tell us about the label.
Papamitrou: Tandem is a record label owned by the Roc Nation-signed producer Jahlil Beats. He is trying to sign talented Hip Hop artists as well as some producers, and to give opportunities to those people trying to make it in this game. Its going to be a huge record label. A couple of weeks ago, Jahlil Beats calls me up, asking me a ton of questions, like where Im from, am I signed, and such. We discussed, and now Jahlil Beats is going to fly me out to Philly to sign me to his new label Tandem as a producer.

NESCom Blog: What projects and artists have your been working with?
Papamitrou: Currently working on the project with Skrillex, Jahlil Beats, and Tom Morello. I’m also part of a new single with Meek Mill. Nothing has been released yet, but will be soon. Of these projects, I’m most proud of my EDM tracks with Skirllex and Jahlil Beats because it really shows my true colors as a producers.

NESCom Blog: How do you create your music & what Is your process?
Papamitrou: I create my music with a software called FL Studio, the same software Jahlil Beats uses. My process is usually to come up with the melody first, then add drums. I’m extremely 808 Trap driven, and love having my kicks overpower so it really hits your chest.

NESCom Blog: Why did you choose the Audio Engineering program at NESCom at Husson University?
Papamitrou: I choose Nescom because of its Audio Engineering, being affordable, and allowing to touch equipment at whatever year you are. The education system is great, and so are the teachers and the environment. One of my favorite things about NESCom is the people, and the the hip hop.  A lot of hip hop heads here at NESCom, and thats all I’m about.

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Anabela on January 23, 2016

This is great! Good Job.

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