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NESCom Alum Visciano Included In Adele Grammy Wins

NESCom Audio Engineering alum Joe Visciano spent Sunday night attending the 59th annual Grammy awards in Los Angeles, CA. Visciano was included in the Adele’s nominations for Album and Record of the year, which won both categories.

During the acceptance speech for Album of the Year, you can spot Visciano on stage with engineers, mixers, and producers who had a hand in the album’s creation.

Assistant Professor Wellington Gordon Presents Paper in Denmark

Keynote speaker, Susan Schmidt Horning (left) poses for a selfie with NESCom Assistant Professor Wellington Gordon (right).  Horning is one of the leading scholars in American recording technology history and an associate professor of history at St. John's College in New York.

Keynote speaker, Susan Schmidt Horning (left) poses for a selfie with NESCom Assistant Professor Wellington Gordon (right).  Horning is one of the leading scholars in American recording technology history and an associate professor of history at St. John’s College in New York.

New England School of Communications Assistant Professor Wellington Gordon recently returned to the United States after presenting a paper at the 11th Annual Art of Record Production Conference in Aalborg Denmark, at Aalborg University. His paper, “Finding Originality Through Reference Mixes,” was a study of recording practices that analyzed communication strategies between recording engineers and the artists. The analysis covered the process of creating the recorded music using both communication strategies and the use of reference material, perceptual learning and isomorphic mapping.  This research topic was part of the conference’s focus on imagination and creativity.

The conference consisted of three days of presentations in research topics about the recording arts and industry. Contributors came from all over the world and included all fields of academic study including electrical and software engineering/development; history; music; musicology; psychology; communications and media.

Gordon also moderated a group of presentations during the last day of the conference

Faculty Share ‘What I Did Over My Summer Vacation’

Each fall students return to the classroom and share what they did over the summer. Faculty at the New England School of Communications also have summertime tales to tell and here we’ll highlight just a few of the interesting ways they spent their break.

Audio Engineering Associate Professor Walter Clissen stayed very busy working with world-renowned artist Jose Feliciano recording a new Django Reinhardt tribute album by Feliciano and Viennese guitarist Harri Stojka at LA-Clip Studios in Vienna Austria, rehearsing and recording Feliciano a the Academy of Contemporary Music/Metropolis Studios in London, and mixing Feliciano’s new album Latin Street 2015. In addition, Clissen continues to mix Front-of-House for Feliciano’s live shows including his performance at the Henley Festival of Music and the Arts in London.


Entertainment Production Coordinator and Instructor Ken Stack spent part of his summer working as Scenic Designer for the upcoming October run of The Producers at the Grand Auditorium in Ellsworth, ME. Plus he wrote the script for the next installment of WHSN’s award winning old-time radio drama Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination, slated for a live broadcast from the Gracie Theatre on Friday, October 28th.

Scenic Design For The Producers

Video Production Assistant Professor Todd Eastman traveled to Atlanta, GA to work as Director of Photography on concussion awareness videos produced for the Brain Trauma Association. The production was filmed on an Arri Alexa as A cam with a Sony FS7 Steadicam (just like the one we have here at NESCom) as B cam.

Todd Eastman at work

Audio Engineering Student Begins Work With Hip Hop Producer Jahlil Beats

Nick Papmitrou Working In NESCom Studio D

Nick Papmitrou Working In NESCom Studio D

New England School of Communications at Husson University students often go on to do great things after graduating. But for one Audio Engineering student, great things are already happening, thanks to their work as a MIDI producer. Sophomore Nikolas “Nick” Papamitrou, who came to NESCom from Massachusetts, has recently begun working with hip hop Producer Jahlil Beats and is soon to be signed to Beats’ new label, Tandem. To find out more, we spoke with Nick about his musical background and his current projects.

NESCom Blog: What is your audio background & when did you start creating music??
Papamitrou: Music has evolved around my Mom’s side of the family. Her side of the family is extremely musically inclined, so I get all my musical genes from her. I started playing guitar around 14, and then started producing music around 15, and finally getting into MIDI producing at 16 after my younger brother started doing it before me, giving me the inspiration. I was into rock at the young age, like Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, so i always tried to record drums and guitar and a make a song using just a small mic and an interface with Garage Band. As I got older, I got out of that phase and my brother Alex, by the producer name of “Xander”, started making hip hop beats, giving me the inspiration to also try it out, since I loved hip hop so much.

NESCom Blog: How did you find yourself working with hip hop Producer Jahlil Beats?
Papamitrou: I’m a huge Twitter guy, and I find that twitter is an extremely important tool for music. One day about a year ago, I tweeted a video at Jahlil Beats of a beat my brother and I made, and he Retweeted it, and followed me back, giving me the opportunity to actually message him personally. He asked me to do a collaboration with him. One day he hit me up on snapchat messenger and asked for my number and also asked if I wanted to be part of Dreamchasers 4 (a mixtape by rapper Meek Mill) with him, and obviously I’m gonna say yes, and thats what changed everything for me. We made a beat for the rapper Meek Mill, the introduction beat for Dreamchasers 4 with Meek Mill ft. Lil Snupe & French Montana. Jahlil also talked about upcoming projects he wants me to be part of, one of them being an EP with Skrillex, as well as another project with a huge collaboration of Skrillex, Tom Morello, Jahlil Beats, and now, me. In addition, there are some independent artists that we may work with, such as Rick Ross, ASAP Ferg, and more Meek Mill.

NESCom Blog: Your about to signed to a new record label called Tandem. Tell us about the label.
Papamitrou: Tandem is a record label owned by the Roc Nation-signed producer Jahlil Beats. He is trying to sign talented Hip Hop artists as well as some producers, and to give opportunities to those people trying to make it in this game. Its going to be a huge record label. A couple of weeks ago, Jahlil Beats calls me up, asking me a ton of questions, like where Im from, am I signed, and such. We discussed, and now Jahlil Beats is going to fly me out to Philly to sign me to his new label Tandem as a producer.

NESCom Blog: What projects and artists have your been working with?
Papamitrou: Currently working on the project with Skrillex, Jahlil Beats, and Tom Morello. I’m also part of a new single with Meek Mill. Nothing has been released yet, but will be soon. Of these projects, I’m most proud of my EDM tracks with Skirllex and Jahlil Beats because it really shows my true colors as a producers.

NESCom Blog: How do you create your music & what Is your process?
Papamitrou: I create my music with a software called FL Studio, the same software Jahlil Beats uses. My process is usually to come up with the melody first, then add drums. I’m extremely 808 Trap driven, and love having my kicks overpower so it really hits your chest.

NESCom Blog: Why did you choose the Audio Engineering program at NESCom at Husson University?
Papamitrou: I choose Nescom because of its Audio Engineering, being affordable, and allowing to touch equipment at whatever year you are. The education system is great, and so are the teachers and the environment. One of my favorite things about NESCom is the people, and the the hip hop.  A lot of hip hop heads here at NESCom, and thats all I’m about.

Live Sound Student Works With The Science Of Naval Noise Control

Cantalupo in a Jacksonville, FL shipyard

Cantalupo in a Jacksonville, FL shipyard

Troy Cantalupo, a Live Sound Technology student at the New England School of Communications at Husson University, spent the summer of 2015 working with an unique aspect of sound. Cantalupo has been working as in intern with Noise Control Engineering of Billerica, MA. Noise Control Engineering is an acoustical engineering consulting firm that specializes in noise and vibration control for the naval industry. Their work involves both commercial and government contracts.

As a technician working for Noise Control Engineering, Cantalupo spent his summer managing the lab (including in-house calibration of accelerometers, sending out instrumentation for third-party calibration, and repairing and building equipment). However, he didn’t just work in the lab. I addition to managing the laboratory, Cantalupo;

Testing Vibration on Bulkheads from Airbourne Noise (Speaker off Frame)sm

Testing Vibration on Bulkheads from Airbourne Noise (Speaker off Frame)

•Did on-site acoustical surveys, most notably being in Jacksonville, FL on a sea vessel trial.

•Programmed VBA in Microsoft Excel including automating post-calibration data crunching and designing an equipping scanning and tracking system.

•Performed electrical and acoustical testing on the company’s in-house designed sound level meter system and software against industry standards to determine its accuracy rating.

•Performed research testing on damping rating of ship bulkheads.

“I would like to stress the fact that the skills I learned at NESCom,” says Cantalupo. “Technical, professional and social skills all directly played roles in my success in this company. Thank you to the entire staff for the guidance over the years”.

For more information on Noise Control Engineering, LLC click here

Students Spend Summer Experiencing Feature Filmmaking


Summer may be a time of rest for many students, but for two students from the New England School of Communications at Husson University, it’s a time to jump feet-first into new experiences and opportunities in the movie industry.

Audio Engineering 2015 graduate Alex Knowles of Chester, VT job shadowed for two days on the set of Central Intelligence, a film being shot in Boston starring comedian Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. During his days on-set, Knowles worked under head Audio Mixer Tom Williams. “I learned a lot of mixing tricks from Tom Williams, how and when to blend microphones, which mic to choose, and other mixing choices” says Knowles. “I also learned about Union work, IATSE, specifically the structure and why it’s important to workers”. Knowles adds that the best part was getting any and all of his questions answered. “Tom Williams and his team were very welcoming and enthusiastic with their answers”. Central Intelligence from New Line Cinema is set for a June 16th, 2016 release date.

Meanwhile across the city of Boston, another movie was being filmed; the much-publicized Ghostbusters movie featuring an all-female cast of ghostbusters including Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig. NESCom Video Production Sophomore Zachary Greaton of Saco, ME was given the opportunity to work as a Production Assistant on-set. Greaton said this about his experience “I learned a ton about the chain of command on such a large set…which involved hundreds once 2nd unit came on board”. Ghostbusters from Sony Pictures is set for a July 22, 2016 release date.

WHSN Radio To Feature Audio Engineering Student Recordings

NESCom Audio Year In Review_sm

WHSN 89.3 FM, campus radio station for Husson University is set to showcase the student work of NESCom Audio Engineering over the past academic year. On Wednesday, May 6th at 8pm, WHSN will air a special broadcast titled the “NESCom Audio Year In Review”.

Students taking CT 431 Advanced Music Production over the 2014-2015 academic year recorded 11 different musical acts as part of their course work. Each student was charged with selecting a musical act to bring to the studios of the New England School of Communications at Husson University and were responsible for all aspects of the project including recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

WHSN’s “NESCom Audio Year In Review” will include one song from each of the 11 projects and will include interviews with some of the students, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences with the recordings. Also included in the special will be Thom Johnston, Dean of the New England School of Communications.

“NESCom Audio Year In Review” will air Wednesday, May 6th at 8pm on WHSN 89.3 FM in the Bangor area and streamed online at

CSP Donates Mobile Recording Unit to NESCom

The fleet of mobile production units at the New England School of Communications at Husson University grew by leaps and bounds thanks to a generous donation by CSP Mobile Productions. CSP is based in Saco, ME  and is one of the fastest growing mobile HD and digital television production companies in the US.  The company donated their Unit 6 audio truck to NESCom for use as both an experiential learning lab and a mobile recording unit.

Inside the truck is a 2-room recording control room centered around a Yamaha PM-1D 96 input digital console. The racks include processing from TC Electronic, DBX, Eventide, Yamaha, and Lexicon. Genelec and Yamaha monitors as well as a closet of microphones round out this fully operational “studio on wheels”. “We are fortunate to have supporters of the New England School of Communications at Husson University, like CSP Mobile Productions” says Thom Johnston, Dean of NESCom. “The gift of this unique mobile audio studio to Husson, with all of its technology, will give our students the opportunity to take their mixing skills on the road.”

Future use of the unit will include both class room applications, stand along remote recording, as well as coupling with the existing NESCom HD Mobile Productions Unit.

José Feliciano Album Mixed in NESCom Control Room E by Walter Clissen

Walter Clissen with Executive Producer/Manager for Jose Feliciano Helmuth Schaerf

Associate Professor Walter Clissen with Executive Producer/Manager for Jose Feliciano, Helmuth Schaerf. Photo by Larry Ayotte

Spring break is a time for students to take a break from their studies, to relax, and to catch up with friends. For the faculty however, spring break is a chance to spend some serious time working on projects both in and out of the classroom.

Walter Clissen, Associate Professor in the Audio Engineering department at NESCom at Husson University spent the majority of his spring break working on a musical project that spans the globe and brings together world-class talent. Clissen is in the mixing stage of a new album by artist José Feliciano in NESCom’s own Audio Control E. The project, which will be released as an album, has Feliciano playing guitar along with members of the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra and soprano Arno Raunig. It features operatic arias for castrati composed by Mozart which have never been transcribed for guitar.

The album is being mixed in both stereo and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound  and will be released later this year.

2012 Grad Joe Visciano Wins 2 Grammys For Work On Beck’s Morning Phase

The 57th annual Grammy awards on February 8th, 2015 was a big night for 2012 NESCom Audio Engineering alum Joe Visciano. Following a nomination in both the Album of the Year and Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) categories for Beck’s album Morning Phase, Visciano ended the night with two wins.

The ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Beck – Morning Phase
Beck Hansen, producer; Tom Elmhirst, David Greenbaum, Florian Lagatta, Cole Marsden Greif-Neill, Robbie Nelson, Darrell Thorp, Cassidy Turbin & Joe Visciano, engineers/mixers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer
Label: Capitol Records

Tom Elmhirst, David Greenbaum, Florian Lagatta, Cole Marsden Greif-Neill, Robbie Nelson, Darrell Thorp, Cassidy Turbin & Joe Visciano, engineers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Beck)
Label: Capitol Records

Since graduating from the New England School of Communications in 2012, Visciano has worked with artists including Beck, Mark Ronson, Coldplay, and U2, who dubbed him “Classy” Joe Visciano.

Joe Visciano
L-R: Robbie Nelson, Florian Lagatta, Darrell Thorp, Joe Visciano (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)