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Video production grads go for the “EVS gold” at the 2012 London Olympics


Before the world-televised events, before the opening ceremonies, even before the athletes arrived in London, graduates of the New England School of Communications were there getting ready to make sure the world sees it all. NESCom graduates Brandon Gassett (’09) and Keith Bickford (’10)  are all ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics with their positions at EVS. Here, Rodney Verrill, Director of the Video Production Department at NESCom chats with Brandon Gassett about his work in London and his work with EVS since graduating from NESCom.

Verrill: For those who might not be familiar with EVS, what does the company do and where is it based out of?

Gassett: EVS is known for it’s Instant Replay at Live Sporting events. Over the years EVS has grown its product line and offers a variety of options other than instant replay. We facilitate customers who want a tapeless workflow. This would include a system that records all media to a server, manages the media/metadata, edits it directly off our server, or send it to a third party editing application and also play media out to air. EVS’s main Head Quarter’s is located in Belgium amongst other offices spread out around the world. I am located in NJ, which is the North America’s Head Quarters.

Verrill: How did you find yourself working at EVS and where had this job taken you?

Gassett: I got the EVS job through my work at NESCom. I have been at EVS for about two years and have traveled to more places then I have in my entire life. I have made multiple trips to Belgium. I spent 6 weeks in Germany last summer for ESPN’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup.

EDITORS NOTE: In addition, Brandon has worked with the following programs and events through his work with EVS: US Open Tennis, The Late Show, The Ellen Show, Big Brother, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, MTV Studios NY, NBC Super Bowl Support at facility and the NFL on CBS.

Brandon Gassett at work during the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup

Verrill: During your time in London, what is your title in your involvement with the Summer Olympics?

Gassett: My title for the Summer Olympics is Technical Support. My involvement is to configure the EVS system that will be used at the IBC (International Broadcast Center). Myself and another colleague arrived in London 3 weeks before the opening ceremony to configure the system. While the games are going on, my responsibility, amongst a few other colleagues, will be to monitor the system and make sure it runs with out any issues. I will also be performing small trainings and answer any questions that the operators may have.

Verrill: What are you doing in London? (duties, job description)

Gassett: I will be in London working for NBC. Configuring the system, training people how to use the system and then monitoring the system through out the entire event.

Verrill: What happens behind the scenes that the viewers usually don’t see or hear?

Gassett: The viewers don’t see how much work and people it takes to put an event like this together. Viewers only see what is on air, they don’t see the 24/7 hour operation behind that. Editors and producers working shifts in order to provide the best coverage as possible. At times, we will be removing a couple pieces from our Database and pointing them to a database at a venue. This will allow the operations to connect into the venue and view the media on there entire system. They will then be able to initiate a file transfer back to the IBC. At the IBC we have 14 XT3 Servers, 1 XS Server, 13 IP Directors, 12 XTAccess PC’s and two redundant Database Servers. NBC’s facility will also have connections for file transfers back to the US.

Verrill: You also, visited the USA Olympic Training Center before heading to London. What was that like?

Gassett: I went to the facility to set up a miniature system to replicate the workflows we will be doing for the actual events. It was a good experience to see what we would be dealing with before arriving in London.

Verrill: With all that you’re doing now at EVS, did NESCom prepare you to work in that field?

Gassett: NESCom prepared me to work in the Live Production market. At EVS I deal with Mobile Production units on a daily basis. NESCom’s Mobile Unit prepared me by showing me how the Live world operated, operationally and technically.


For more information on EVS, visit:

NESCom’s Entertainment Production Degree Program presents Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology

This spring, another musical theatre event will hit the boards of the Gracie Theatre on the campus of Husson University, but with a twist.  Spoon River Anthology is a blending of poetry, song and video projection art which celebrates our American heritage.

Based upon the poetic masterwork by Edgar Lee Masters, this theatrical adaptation was first presented by the Theater Group at U.C.L.A. and then made a successful transition to Broadway’s Booth Theatre in 1963.  Conceived and adapted by Charles Aidman from the Theater Group, this combination of music and performance art visits the “haunts” of a fictional small town in Illinois, at the beginning of the 20th Century.  The graveyard souls of this town are driven to speak to us about their lives, loves and longings.  From their experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our roots and the complex diversity that has created the American character.

The production has grown out of the curriculum of the New England School of Communications newest degree program – Entertainment Production.  This professional training program focuses on the professional skill sets of the entertainment industry.  Spoon River and its inhabitants are brought to life through the combination of the technical crafts of stage lighting and projection design with the immediacy of live performance.  The creative energy of the students within the program has constructed an exciting blend of visual, musical and performance art.

Led by NESCom’s stage director Ken Stack, music director John Haskell, and designers Brave Williams and Jeff Farrell, a talented cast of student and community performers have come together to bring Edgar Lee Masters’ poetry to life.  Student performers include Arnold Champion, Ben Fields, Whitney Proctor, Britney Rezendes, Alexandra Todd and Bill Vassar.  These NESCom students will create the many inhabitants of Spoon River, alongside the musical talents of local community performers – Darlene Cooley Mogul, Susan Patten, Rob Roper and Chuck Somers.

Spoon River Anthology will be performed for two nights, April 26 and 27, at 8:00 PM at the Gracie.  General admission tickets are available at the door, the night of each performance.  ($5 regular admission – $3 student admission) No advance reservations are required.

Important Community Notice Regarding DDC Construction

Beginning April 7th, food service offered in the Dickerman Dining Commons will be temporarily served in the Furman Student Center.  The last meal that will be served in the Dickerman Dining Commons will be dinner of April 6th.  This temporary relocation is due to the renovation of the Dickerman Dining Commons.

About the Temporary Service

Food service will be provided at the regularly scheduled meal times.  Students will need to enter the Furman Student Center through the outer entrance.  Upon entering the building, students will be directed to a card swiping station before entering the food line.

Due to limited seating in the Furman Student Center, additional seating will be offered in the lower level of the Campus Center.  During scheduled meal times, only students who are dining will be allowed to access this area.  Picnic tables will also be available on the outside patio near the Campus Center. Students will have the option of taking their meal to go, so they can receive their meal and eat anywhere they choose.

The Cressy Marketplace will be open and fully operational during the transition period.

The New Dickerman Dining Center – Coming Fall 2012

The newly renovated Dickerman Dining Center will open for the fall 2012 semester with some exciting enhancements.  Guests will enjoy improved menu options and more seating in this state-of-the-art facility.  Some of the new amenities will include:

More Delicious Options!  Station-style service, which includes a brick-oven pizza station, bakery and dessert station, pasta station, a consolidated soup and sandwich bar, a family comfort food station, a cook-to-order grill and a flex station offering a rotating food menu.

Convenience on the Go!  A Grab ‘n Go station will allow guests to pick and choose from an array of a la carte options

Updated Seating Area!  New seating options, including high tables, booths, round tables, and food bars.

Environmentally Friendly!  Tray-less dining will provide an eco-friendly and efficient dining experience.

DDC renovation floor plan

Alumni Profile: Justin Prymowicz – Co-Founder Dooley Noted Audio

In 2008, Justin Prymowicz graduated from New England School of Communications after studying Audio Engineering. Since then, his skills have taken him from the east coast to the west coast and now he finds himself at Dooley Noted Audio located in Northridge, CA. When he recently returned to visit NESCom, we caught up with Justin to learn more about Dooley Noted Audio (DNA).

Tell us about Dooley Noted Audio and how it started.

We started Dooley Noted Audio in September of 2009. Prior to that I was interning at a studio in Los Angeles where I first met my soon to be business partner Colleen Dooley, who was a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. We found that we collaborated really well together and started to branch out and work on small projects such as short films and commercials. At that time we were in a 2 bedroom apartment in Studio City, using Pro tools LE 7.4 and an Mbox; It is incredibly amusing to look back at now and see how far we have come in 2 years.

Currently our studio, located in Northridge, California, is a full service facility for both post-production as well as music. We have two control rooms, an ADR/Vocal Booth, Foley stage, and a leisure area for guests and clients.

Justin Prymowicz & Colleen Dooley - Dooley Noted Audio
Justin Prymowicz & Colleen Dooley


What type of projects can Dooley Noted be hired to work on?

We are capable of doing almost every project out there. Our resume includes projects ranging from recording music artists, recording and mixing score, web videos, radio spots, television and feature films. We try to make it our goal to accommodate everything we encounter, providing  services that can be a la carte to include Tracking, Producing, ADR, Foley, Sound design, and Mixing. This way we can try to work with everyone’s budget.

What type of gear do you run in the studio?

We run Pro tools 10 HD with a control 24 combined with Blue Sky 5.1 monitoring. Our interfaces include an Avid HD Omni with a Digidesign 96i I/O. One of our newest, and favorite additions is the Black Lion Auteur Preamps. Black Lion Audio is a company from Chicago that makes and modifies audio equipment, which in our opinion is of superior quality at a reasonable price. We started out with the 002R signature modification that we are currently using in our studio B, and we were blown away with the results.

Dooley Noted Audio Studio



What are some interesting recent projects of DNA?

One of our favorite projects that we have recently completed is a feature film, starring Ernest Borgnine, titled “The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vincente Fernandez”. The film tells the story of Rex Page, played by Borgnine, who is an elderly man living with the constant regret of being a failed actor. After suffering from a stroke, Rex is taken to a nursing home where is develops relationships with the Latin American staff, bonding over Rex’s past encounter with the idolized singer, Vicente Fernandez. The staff treat Rex like the celebrity he has always wanted to be  and eventually help Rex discover new meaning and appreciation for what who he is, and what he has.
It was an amazing project that really challenged us creatively, mentally and physically. What we enjoyed most about this project was the creative collaboration with all departments, All the sound pays tribute to western film making and also really lives within the main character, Rex Page’s imagination. It is a spaghetti western that takes place in a present day setting in a nursing home.

We have also been doing a lot of work for shows and ads on the web. We have recently began to create and produce theme songs for video games such as’s Minecraft show and a song based on a certain meme for Skyrim that is being released shortly, which was another really enjoyable collaboration with the Gamefront crew.

Where would you like to see DNA go in the future?

With every project our skills improve and each new project is better than the last. We hope to continue on that path and one day be at the point where we can get a bigger facility with a few dubbing stages, a nice scoring stage, a team of people with specific roles and more projects than we can handle. Hopefully an award or two as well, that is definitely where we would like to be in the future.

For more information:

Dooley Noted Audio
Northridge, CA

If you’re an alum and have a story to tell, contact us and let us know!